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Christmas is a festival that is celebrated with equal level of fun and seriousness. The fun element of the festival is reflected in its merrymaking - people celebrate it by feasting, singing Christmas carols and songs and decorating their tree, beautifully. The serious part of the festival confines to the rituals and traditions, followed since ages. Certain things associated with Christmas, such as merry christmas quotes , christmas quotes about family, happy christmas quotes, short christmas quotes, christmas quotes for cards, christmas quotes for kids,  songs, stories and legends carry the real essence of the festival. Christmas stories and legends tell us the religious aspects of the festival, while the quotations, songs and carols capture different emotions of the people, during the festive season. Check out the article to get some of the best christmas quotes for the festival.

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Merry Christmas Quotes For Christmas 2014 

If you are looking for the perfect christmas quote to share in your cards this holiday season, well… consider this our present to you. Have a safe and happy Christmas!

  • It was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless Us, Every One!     --Charles Dickens

  • Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles.   --Unknown

  • If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away.   --Unknown

  • From Home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other.    --Emily Matthews

  • Somehow, not only for Christmas, But all the long year through, The joy that you give to others, Is the joy that comes back to you. And the more you spend in blessing, The poor and lonely and sad, The more of your heart's possessing, Returns to you glad.    --John Greenleaf Whittier

  • Heap on the wood!-the wind is chill; But let it whistle as it will, We'll keep our Christmas merry still.  --Sir Walter Scott

  • A Christmas candle is a lovely thing; It makes no noise at all, But softly gives itself away; While quite unselfish, it grows small.

  • --Eva K. Logue

  • Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart. --Washington Irving

  • He who has no Christmas in his heart will never find Christmas under a tree.   --Sunshine Magazine

  • Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.    --Calvin Coolidge

  • A good many things go around in the dark besides Santa Claus. - Herbert Hoover

  • I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. - Charles Dickens

  • It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. - W. T. Ellis

  • Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect. - Oren Arnold

  • Let no pleasure tempt thee, no profit allure thee, no persuasion move thee, to do anything which thou knowest to be evil; so shalt thou always live jollity; for a good conscience is a continual Christmas. - Benjamin Franklin

  • "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. [Charles Dickens]


Best Christmas Quotes To share

"Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind.

To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy,

is to have the real spirit of Christmas."

[Calvin Coolidge]

"All the Christmas presents in the world are worth nothing without the presence of Christ."

[David Jeremiah]

"Some businessmen are saying this could be the greatest Christmas ever. I always thought that the first one was."

[Art Fettig]

"Who can add to Christmas? The perfect motive is that God so loved the world.

The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son.

The only requirement is to believe in Him.

The reward of faith is that you shall have everlasting life."

[Corrie Ten Boom]

"Something of eternal significance transpired there.

Not only was the calendar of the world changed,

but heaven itself and eternity were affected."

[J. Vernon McGee - on Bethlehem


"Christmas is less than what it can be - and less than what it was intended to be -

where gifts are given grudgingly, and where gifts are received without appreciation."



"'When Christmas is over,' said the merchant to the minister, 'it's over, and it's

our job to rid the store of Christmas in a day.' 'Well,' the minister replied,

'I've got a bigger job - to keep Christmas in the hearts of my people

for all year.'"

[Log of the Good Ship Grace]


"The great challenge left to us is to cut through all the glitz and glam of the season

that has grown increasingly secular and commercial,

and be reminded of the beauty of the One who is Christmas."

[Bill Crowder]


"We can never hope to capture the Christmas spirit and make it our own unless

we understand that God is so much greater than we ever thought He was.

We thought we knew all about God. The incarnation proved us wrong."

[Dan Schaeffer]


"If we could condense all the truths of Christmas into only three words,

these would be the words: 'God with us.'

We tend to focus our attention at Christmas on the infancy of Christ.

The greater truth of the holiday is His deity.

More astonishing than a baby in the manger is the truth

that this promised baby is the omnipotent Creator of the heavens and the earth!"

[John MacArthur]


"I heard the bells on Christmas Day, their old, familiar carols play, and wild and

sweet the words repeat of peace on earth, goodwill to men!"

[Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]


"Christmas celebrates the awesome and amazing fact that God is grander,

wiser and more mysterious than we could have ever imagined."

[Dan Schaeffer]


"What would it have mattered if Christ had been born in Bethlehem. if He had not

fulfilled the mission God had for him? He must go the way of the Cross

that He might arise with a mighty resurrection."

[Percy F Rockwood]


"To prepare our hearts for Christmas, we must cultivate the spirit of expectancy."

[Handel H. Brown]


"For the Christ-child who comes is the Master of all; No palace too great, no cottage too small."

[Phillips Brooks]


"Christmas in Bethlehem. The ancient dream: a cold,

clear night made brilliant by a glorious star,

the smell of incense, shepherds and wise men falling to their knees

in adoration of the sweet baby, the incarnation of perfect love."

[Lucinda Franks]


“The giving of gifts is not something man invented.  God started the giving spree

when he gave a gift beyond words, the unspeakable gift of His Son.”

[Robert Flatt]


"Commercialization has obscured the meaning of Christmas.

The commercial has become more important than the carol.

What man has to sell more important than what God has given."



"Rejoice, that the immortal God is born, so that mortal man may live in eternity."

[John Huss]


"Our God is the God of the unexpected. A few things could be more unexpected

than the King of heaven being born in a stable"

[Bill Crowder]


"Christmas is a gift of love wrapped in human flesh and tied securely with the strong promises of God.

It is more than words can tell, for it is a matter for the heart to receive, believe and understand."



“He [Jesus] was born in a barn to show what God thinks of human pride, of human ambition, of human loftiness,

of human hardness…of those who turn to religion only because of what they think it can do for them…

of those who always insist on having a place at the high table and are miserable when others are put before them…

of those personal jealousies and those family feuds that mar the fellowship with God.”

[Handel H. Brown]


"May we not 'spend' Christmas or 'observe' Christmas, but rather 'keep' it."

[Peter Marshall]


"I truly believe that if we keep telling the Christmas story, singing the Christmas songs,

and living the Christmas spirit, we can bring joy and happiness and peace to this world."

[Norman Vincent Peale]

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